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Starting A Business 1: Passion and Talent

Starting a sustainable and successful business depends on a cocktail of requirements according to the type of business and according to the personality of the entrepreneur.  In this article, we shall examine the role of passion and talent in identifying a suitable business idea.

We like to mention upfront that passion alone is not enough to ensure the success of a business, and it may even not be the main deciding factor.  But its importance cannot be ignored.  Identifying the business idea that flows with your passion is a good beginning for a good business.

If we have a special reason and strong drive from within, which is not necessarily naira and kobo, to engage in something we consider important and useful to us or to the society, then it is probably our passion that is at work.  Passion is enthusiasm or excitement to do something out of love, and it comes from our inner desires. It is the emotional foundation for excellence. It can be acquired or discovered over time from your experiences and what you are exposed to in your engagements and activities.

Check it out.  What are you eager to do generally and regularly even if you are not paid for it? What things are of interest to you?  What needs around you do you feel emotionally obliged to meet? What do you love doing? What can you do that will make you really proud of yourself?

Talent is the special and natural ability given to us by God to do certain things very well.  It is an instinct or a flair for doing something without prior experience or study. Talent is distributed to men as God pleases. We really have no role to play in the kind of talent we have because we are born with it.  However, we need to find out our talent so that we can develop it and probably convert it to a business or even a hobby. If you find a business idea around your talent, then your chances of success are very bright.

Check it out. What do you do almost effortlessly?  What do you love or enjoy doing? What do people around you say you are good at?  Can you remember what you were good at in your childhood days? In which areas do you consider yourself gifted? 

Just like passion, talent alone does not guarantee a good business idea.  In addition to passion and talent, we need to develop appropriate skills through practice.

Next week, we shall look at the role of skills, knowledge and experience in starting a sustainable business.


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