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Business Start-Up Seminar

Every individual is wired with at least one unique gift or talent that needs to be discovered for business success. Starting a sustainable business is not only about passion and talent, but also about whatever it will take to profitably meet the needs of others, including effective marketing and use of technology.

One common reason that people give for not starting their own businesses is lack of funds. The importance of finance in a new business has been so blown out of proportion that people without any sustainable business idea also complain that they have no money to start their own businesses.  It is important to first identify the business that is good for you, not necessarily the profitable business of others, before you look for money for the business.

Applications for loans and grants are simply directed to areas where funds are available and not where the applicants have the relevant passion and skills. If people are attracted by availability of funds into businesses they are not suited for, then such businesses may not succeed and will not survive for long. The screening for grants and loans should not only be based on good and well written business plans, but also on the passion, skills and experience of the promoter of the business. Many workers in paid employment do not know what to retire into profitably after many years in service. The process of knowing what to retire into should start from the date of employment or as early as possible, because job may end before planned retirement, voluntarily or otherwise.

Our Solution
Our solution is to organize Business Start-Up Seminars that address the following:

  1. How to select a good and suitable idea for a sustainable business

  2. How to write a realistic and winning business plan

  3. Transiting from paid employment to owning a business

  4. Available sources of funds for a new business

  5. Awareness of collaboration opportunities and agencies

  6. Small business and use of technology

  7. Mindset and attitudinal change for business survival

  8. Managing a start-up business


  • Attend our seminar to discover the kind of business that you are ‘wired’ to do and how to make it succeed and grow

  • If you would like to sponsor unemployed youth as entrepreneurs, then let them attend our seminar before they are given money to enable them focus on what is sustainable

Business Seminar


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