At Beckley, client interests take centre stage in all that we do. We approach every task with the objective of maximizing value for our clients. We are committed to safety, professional excellence, and integrity in every assignment.
Accounting & Financial Services
Human Resources Management
Tax Compliance
Outsourced Labour Management
Learning and Development
Accounting & Financial Services

Proper accounting information is required for the effective management of every business, but especially for the management of micro, small, and medium enterprises. A reliable accounting record is usually a condition for attracting investors, securing facilities from the banks, and getting assistance and concessions from the government and its agencies. 


Our model is based on the use of small business accounting software to generate accounting reports and financial analysis for the management of micro, small and medium enterprises. We subsequently introduce the software to clients depending on their capacity to independently use it. Where computer literacy is low and no capacity to use accounting software, we design simple forms in Microsoft excel and notebooks to record relevant accounting transactions for the management of the business. Regularly, we review the manual records and generate relevant accounting reports as professional support for the business.

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Accounting & Financial Services
Supervision of proper record keeping
Regular review of accounts
Monthly accounts summary and quarterly management accounts
Audit of financial statements in conjunction with Audit Associates carefully selected based on professional excellence and integrity
Budgeting and budgetary control
Investment analysis
Financial advisory
Human Resources Management

If a micro or a small enterprise has grown to require at least one other person, then it is important to understand what it takes to find that person that can contribute to the growth of the business. The HR support we offer is from the beginning (recruitment) to the end (exit), with recruited employees engaged and motivated to deliver consistent satisfactory results during their stay in the organisation. Our recruitment process includes putting a structure/organogram in place with job descriptions for each position, as well as job holder’s profile.

We function as HR advisers to our clients assisting them to manage HR functions of the organisation in place of in-house Human Resource department or manager. We ensure that employees are periodically evaluated and sufficiently engaged and galvanized to deliver on the organisation’s objectives and expectations.


We have the expertise to help clients attract, recruit, and retain competent staff for their businesses.


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We do the following in collaboration with our clients
Assessing the need for staff and preparing job descriptions
Recruitment based on parameters specially selected to ensure retention of employees for micro, small and medium enterprises.
Easy to implement staff performance management system
Reward management and monthly payroll
Personnel administration and records
Regular dialogue and education to improve productivity, communication, and employee engagement.
General advice on the day-to-day management of staff issues including discipline
Tax Compliance

We work with micro, small, and medium enterprises to help them minimise their tax liability through effective tax planning while ensuring compliance with relevant tax laws to avoid the risk and penalty of noncompliance. We help micro, small, and medium enterprises to obtain tax clearance certificate which is usually required to access loans and do business with established companies and government agencies in Nigeria. 


Payment of tax is a concern to governments at all levels in Nigeria. Tax collection has become more aggressive owing to the increasing cost of governance and infrastructure and dwindling revenue from sales of crude oil. Today, micro, small, and medium enterprises always list multiple taxations as one of their challenges, especially as they do not understand the basis on which tax is imposed on them. Micro, small, and medium enterprises need assistance to ensure that tax assessment by relevant authorities is fair and are on actual profit or income.


The combination of deficits of infrastructural facilities in the country and inadequate support from the government discourage business owners from voluntary tax compliance. But this should not be so because payment of tax is a civic duty and, it demonstrates the seriousness of any micro, small and medium enterprise.

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Our Tax Compliance Services
Tax planning to minimise tax payment legitimately
Regular review of transactions with tax implications to ensure compliance
Supervision of withholding tax (WHT) and value-added tax (VAT) returns monthly
Preparation and filing of annual tax returns in conjunction with our Tax Associates
Follow up with relevant tax authorities to resolve contentious issues that may arise
Advising micro, small, and medium enterprises on tax matters
Outsourced Labour Management

We are outsourced labour contractors. We manage employees outsourced to us effectively to reduce labour management stress of our clients, so that they can focus on their core mandates. The achievement of an organisation’s objectives depends to a significant extent on managing employees to produce superior results. We train our staff on soft skills that focus on personal and inter-personal relationship at work, including communication, to motivate them to higher productivity, greater job satisfaction and reduced conflicts.


We collaborate with our clients to supervise staff outsourced to us to ensure continuous performance improvement. We work with our clients to institute Performance Management System to periodically access how well our staff meet their objectives and the client’s expectations.


We manage all industrial relations issues of our outsourced employees, including negotiation of conditions of service where applicable, to ensure industrial harmony and avoid work disruption. We have the expertise to ensure compliance with labour laws, including the Employee Compensation Act (ECA) and payment of statutory levies – taxes, pension etc. Employees need to be healthy to be productive. 


We effectively manage employees’ medicals through selection and supervision of appropriate Health Management Organisations and hospitals.

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Learning and Development

Beckley consulting Limited provides a wide array of professional training courses and webinars designed to improve organizational and individual productivity. Our courses are designed to meet global standards, delivered by facilitators who are experts and vast with trending knowledge in their different fields.


We believe in mindset change for the typical entrepreneur through learning and development and information sharing, to imbibe the discipline and commitment required to manage a business successfully. One of the reasons why small businesses fail is their inability to update relevant knowledge and skill to catch up with changing trends and technology. We have developed training modules that address various needs of business start-ups and existing businesses to ensure effective management and sustainable growth.

The business environment is changing so rapidly that relying on old management strategies and knowledge will be unhelpful today to grow any business. We update our training modules regularly to include current developments and local and global best practices. Learning and development programmes for the workforce (employees) is required for employees to upgrade their knowledge or skills and be up to date with new processes and technology required to meet the changing needs of clients and potential clients. 


Training employees regularly not only provides motivation environment for increased productivity, but also leads to employee engagement and retention. Explore our courses and get empowered with information and skills needed to become productive, advancing your business and career. Our courses are run virtually and physically.

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