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Human Resource Management

SME Professional Support

We assist clients to manage the people side of the business to ensure that workers are happy and ready to deliver on agreed objectives and expectations.  Finance, marketing, technology, and processes are important, but without people they cannot produce results.

If your business has grown to require at least one other person, then you need to understand what it takes to find that person and, how to make him or her help you to grow the business.

We have the expertise to help clients attract, recruit and retain competent staff for small businesses.

We do the following in collaboration with our clients:

  • Assessing the need for staff and preparing job descriptions

  • Recruitment based on parameters that are favourable for loyalty and retention of employees for small businesses

  • Easy to implement staff performance management system

  • Reward management and monthly payroll

  • Personnel administration and records

  • Regular dialogue and education to improve productivity, communication, and employee engagement.

  • General advice on day-to-day management of staff issues including discipline

Generally, we assist clients to manage HR functions fairly, firmly and objectively, to ensure that employees are sufficiently engaged and galvanized to deliver on company’s objectives and expectations.

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