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Out-sourced Labour Management


We find the right staff for you. We train them according to your needs and collaborate with you to supervise them to ensure a sustained increase in productivity.  We work with you to institute periodical performance management system to ensure your objectives and expectations are met.

The achievement of an organisation’s objectives depends to a large extent on choosing the right people for the job. When the right people are chosen, they not only produce good results, but also tend to stay with the organisation longer, especially when training and other employee engagement practices are in place.

We are labour contractors and provide our clients with skilled and unskilled labour, temporary or permanent, including technical manpower and professionals.

In doing this, we take on the entire human resources function from start to finish, including advertising and recruiting for positions, managing employees, and remunerating them via our own payroll system. The employees we recommend to our clients are recruited by us only after we stringently test their skills and competence in their respective fields.

Further, we arrange pre-employment medical tests to ensure we have adequate medical profile of employees. We effectively manage all industrial relations issues of our outsourced employees, including negotiation of conditions of service where applicable, to ensure industrial harmony.

We have the expertise to ensure compliance with labour laws, statutory and regulatory requirements of our clients that concern employees or outsourced labour, including but not limited to taxes, pension, and the provisions of the Employee Compensation Act.

We also effectively manage employees’ medicals through selection and supervision of appropriate Health Management Organisations and hospitals.

The Directors and management staff of the company have several years’ experience in human resource management, and supervision of outsourced labour, compensation and benefits administration, tax administration, and management of staff welfare.

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