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One of the reasons why small businesses fail is lack of knowledge of the business and how to manage it. We have developed training modules that address various needs of business start-ups and existing businesses to ensure effective management and, sustainable growth.

The business environment is changing so rapidly that relying on old management strategies and knowledge will be unhelpful today to grow any business. We update our training modules regularly to include current developments and best practices.

Our training methods include presentations, discussion groups, case studies, and practical demonstration of skills and techniques to bridge knowledge and execution gap.

The summary of our training outlines is presented below for each module:

  1. TM 01

    Introduction to Business

    Developing entrepreneurial mind-set, identifying and understanding a business, ownership structure, industry and competition analysis, what it takes to start a business, introduction to a realistic business plan etc.

  2. TM 02

    Accounting and Finance

    The business entity concept, keeping proper books of accounts, cash flow, budget and budget control, bank reconciliation, periodical financial statements.

  3. TM 03

    People side of Management

    Recruitment, motivation environment, delegation and trust, planning performance, setting targets, measuring targets, performance evaluation, taking corrective actions, succession planning.

  4. TM 04

    Tax Compliance and Returns

    Knowledge and payment of applicable taxes, computation of various taxes, monthly and annual tax returns, disadvantages of non-compliance, Integrity in tax payments, benefits of compliance with tax laws.

  5. TM 05

    Legal and Regulatory Requirements

    Business name and company registration requirements, advantages and disadvantages of different business ownership structure, selecting appropriate ownership model, ownership structure and funds raising, laws and applicable regulations for various types of business, elements of a simple contract.

  6. TM 06

    Sales and Marketing

    Marketing mix – product, price, place, promotion; market research, competition analysis, effective demand and alternative products, closing with unique selling proposition, customer winning tips, customer retention strategy, management of credit sales, linkage opportunities, introduction to digital marketing.

  7. TM 07

    Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    Planning, implementing and controlling efficient flow and storage of goods, services to satisfy customers, effective and simple methods and processes of how products get to end users through various intermediaries.

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